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Dyneema carbon fiber woven frame will be available in 2018

Release date: 2016-10-26 Browsing number:

   For bike companies, Dyneema has two strong selling points: the material has a very high strength to weight ratio and very high wear resistance. Specialized lock shoe designer Rob Cook likes this material, very thin and flexible, and no flexibility.

▲ S-Works 6 lock shoes gray part of the use of Dyneema to strengthen.
For the frame, DSM claims to have "several brands" of development projects using Dyneema carbon fiber, but DSM refused to disclose which specific brand. DSM claims Dyneema carbon fiber will enable the frame to better absorb the road vibration and direct impact on the frame. "Conventional carbon fiber is strong, hard, lightweight and easy to mold, but it is not very good at handling collisions," says DSM Dyneema scientist and part-time professor at Delft University of Technology.
  In this case,Dyneema is a very strong plastic fabric, while Dyneema carbon fiber is a composite material, manufacturer DSM claims more than normal carbon fiber impact resistance, energy absorption increased by up to 100%.
  In this case,DSM manufactures a prototype bicycle, using frames and spokes made from Dyneema carbon fiber, to be exhibited at the German trade fair for rubber and plastics.

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